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Lagoss is an open-source runtime and platform that allows developers to run TypeScript and JavaScript Serverless Functions close to users.


The project was forked from Lagoss with the intention to continue development. There is currently a public testing instance deployed at However it should be only used for basic testing and data might be deleted at any point. If you want a proper setup, please deploy your own instance => Install my own instance.


  • JavaScript Runtime written in Rust using V8 Isolates
  • Native Web APIs like Request, Response...
  • 100% open-source
  • Deploy APIs, SSR(ed) websites, Webhooks endpoints, Cron jobs...
  • CLI to manage Functions and develop locally
  • Deploy at the Edge using the Cloud version, or self-host it

How it works

Lagoss uses V8 Isolates, which are sandboxed environments used to run plain JavaScript. That means each Function's memory is isolated from each others, and you can run a lot of them at the same time with very few resources. Node.js, Electron, Deno (and Deno Deploy), Cloudflare Workers are also using V8 Isolates to execute JavaScript.

Starting an Isolate is a lot faster than starting a whole Node.js process, which allows for almost free cold starts.